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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this is a live look. you can see just how bad that is and how bad it is going to be for quite some time. as you head to stevensville on the other side or try to come back over to the western shore. again, the bay bridge shut down in both directions. has just reopened. it is going to be a mess there as that traffic moves across the bridge after being held up there for a long time. there is the tanker truck that has been moved off the bridge. we have some new details at this hour after a wild high-speed chase in virginia and maryland this afternoon. at least one shot was fired outside the entrance of the naval support facility in bethesda. that's now part of walter reed. >> that chase ended and that's where pat collins has more on whammed and reaction from the people who saw all of this unfold. >> this unbelievable police
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chase. a car going 90 miles an hour. a driver chewing soap. a cop firing a shot on 355 in bethesda. she came out kicking and screaming as police removed her from her wrecked car here in rockville. 27-year-old angela is from manassas and she led police on a heart-pounding chase from virginia to the naval support facility in bethesda to this crash ending here on neville street. >> there were cops trying to make sure she wouldn't get up and run. >> reporter: this began around 11:30 this morning on route 66 in virginia. police said they caught the car at 96 miles an hour. the chase was on as it raced around the beltway toward maryland. virginia state police pulled back at the american legion
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bridge and alerted maryland cops to be on the lookout. the car continues to old georgetown road. then cedar lane. 11:50 a.m., that car drives into the entrance of the naval support facility in bethesda where walter reed hospital is now. they say it makes a u-turn in the driveway. clips the vehicle here. then pulls away. security officers tried to stop it. >> police say stop and the guy don't stop. >> reporter: something is wrong. security officers noticed the woman behind the wheel appears to be chewing on a bar of soap. they recovered that soap on the scene. they say she drives back on to 355, does a u-turn, heads back toward the naval facility. this time she backs into a cop car. and a shot is fired. >> we're told there was again, a naval security person here.
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the car was coming toward that person. i think he was on foot. he discharged his firearm once. the round struck the vehicle. finally the finish here on neville street. it was running on the rim. you can see the scrape mark on the pavement. it lost control here when over the double yellow line. over the curb and then into that construction site. angela taken in for a medical evaluation, charges are pending. more breaking news. the suburban hospital is shut down at this hour. there's a hazmat situation on the first floor. there is a small freon leak from a cooling system. all offices on the first floor are evacuated but no patients evacuated. the emergency room is closed to new patients. all of this unfolding at
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suburban hospital. on the campaign trail. two weeks to go before election day. mitt romney and paul ryan campaigning together in nevada. tomorrow congressman ryan will deliver his first policy speech since he was named the gop vice presidential nominee. his speech will take place at cleveland state university in ohio. officials say his remarks will focus on upward mobility and the economy. >> president obama and his running mate joe biden have to be in the crucial state of ohio right now. they just wrapped up a campaign rally in dayton. the final debate last night focused mainly on foreign policy. once again, our partners at fact found many claims by both men that were false. here's nbc's dawn timmoney. >> reporter: the final battle between president barack obama and mitt romney gave voters the opportunity to hear more from each candidate on foreign policy. but fact check found several
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misleading and false statements. first, a claim from the president going back four years ago. >> when you are a candidate in 2008, as i was, and inif i got bin laden in our sights, i would take that shot. you said we shouldn't move heaven and earth to get one man and you said we should ask pakistan for permission. >> reporter: did romney say the u.s. should not go after bin laden in pakistan without that country's permission? >> romney said that of course, he would use any option that is available to him to protect the united states. so he would have used this as an option but he was just critical of obama for publicly speaking about it. he said we should keep our options quiet. >> reporter: fact check also found the president going too far on the topic of residual force of u.s. troops in iraq. >> you and i agreed that there should have been a status of forces agreement. you didn't want a status of force agreement? >> what i would not have done is left 10,000 troops in iraq that would tie us down.
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that certainly would not help us in the middle east. >> romney is right here. because both obama and romney did want to leave troops in iraq. it is just a matter of how many. obama wanted to keep 3,000 to 4,000 in there for the transitional period. and romney wanted to leave anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000. so it is a matter of numbers. >> reporter: next, governor romney's point about the size of our navy's fleet back fires. >> our navy is smaller now any time since 1917. >> you mentioned the navy, for example. that we have fewer ship than we did in 1916. well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. >> romney is right. there are fewer ships. but obama is also right that the navy is different now than it was then. there were 342 ships in 1917. now there are 282. but those ships obviously are larger, more technologically
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advanced. >> reporter: finally a claim we've heard repeatedly from the romney campaign. >> then the president began what i would call an apology tour of going to various nations in the middle east and criticizing america. >> reporter: fact check says while president barack obama admitted tensions between united states and other nations, there was no direct apology when he gave those speeches. so as the candidates took a break from the dominating topic of the economy, they did not take a break from twisting the facts. for nbc news, i'm dawn timmoney. ♪ in virginia, election day victory will depend on turnout and few entertainers turn them out better than the boss. julie carey joins us live. bruce springste large concert o behalf of the president. >> reporter: you can see they're striking the stage right now.
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short while ago 5,000 were here inside the pavilion treated to a five-song acoustic. the obama campaign took advantage of the opportunity, hoping that this appearance by a high profile supporter would energize the base and turn out more voters on election day. >> we take care of our own. ♪ wherever this flag's flown ♪ >> his music has become the theme song for barack obama rallies across the country. today supporters got bruce springsteen live. he did his best obama impression as he joked about the president calling him to ask for a campaign song. >> what did you have in mind? em, two thing, one, mention our campaign slogan which of course is -- not that much to go on really. >> reporter: there were serious moments, too. with springsteen explaining why he has taken an active role in the final weeks of this campaign
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playing iowa and virginia. >> i'm here because i've lived long enough to know that despite the galvanizing moments in history, the future is rarely a tide rushing in. it is more often a slow, slow march, inch by inch. >> reporter: most who came to the rally say they had a two-fold purpose. this student from leesburg said she is a strong president obama supporter and springsteen fan. >> obviously we're here to see the boss. my family has been listening to bruce springsteen forever. >> reporter: with virginia a toss-up now and recent momentum headed mitt romney's way, sl celebrity appearances can help. >> we found a substantial falling off of interest among young people this year and that's hurting president obama. >> reporter: the support he hopes tha a nudge from springsteen will make a difference election day. >> when i was getting my ticket, that's who i saw.
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a lot of younger people so i hope that it will instill in them the need to be involved. >> reporter: and conveniently, the election office is right next to this paf-on to those who could were urged to go right across the street and vote in person. coming up on news4 at 6:00, a high profile mitt romney surrogate was campaigning for republicans in virginia. i'll tell what you governor bob mcdonnell had to say about that at 6:00. julie carey, news4. and the news4 i-team has uncovered some ballot problems in virginia. why some voters have missed out on some of the most important issues on the ballot. miserable day on wall street today. stocks took a big tumble across the board, fueled by fears over spain's weak economy. the dow logged its worst day since june, sinking 243 points. the nasdaq also down about 27. the s&p fell 21 points. now to a developing story about two hours ago.
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a judge sentenced a young boy for the murder of his 2-year-old foster sister. news4's jackie bensen joins us with reaction from the child's family. >> reporter: the boy was 12 years old when this happened. he is only 13 now but i was struck by how small he is, sitting in the courtroom. his head barely cleared the back of the leather chair he was sitting in. the judge said she believes the boy, now 13, did not understand that the blows he inflicted on his 2-year-old foster sister, could and did kill her. the judge ordered him into they're computic foster care. she specified that he be the only child in the home. that he receive weekly therapy, and that visits to his family be restricted. the decision did not sit well with the dead toddler's family. >> one of the best schools, come from a religious family.
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how do you not understand right from wrong? >> reporter: the prince george's county state attorney said her office had argued for even stricter confinement noticing the severity of the injuries inflicted on the 2-year-old. >> our system honestly really is not equipped to deal with the 12-year-old who murders another child. the result is the unthinkable has occurred in trying to find a way to rehabilitate and treat a child after this has occurred is really very difficult. coming up, a starting revelation from the little girl's grandmother. something that could have changed the outcome of her short life. reporting live in upper marlboro, jackie bensen, news4. still ahead, they put them up and workers take them down. the controversy across maryland. how friend are fighting the battle against cancer together one step at a time.
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and that bond between a local marine and his side kick. take a look at our temperatures outside. despite the clouds, upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. no record warmth for today. tomorrow we could set some new record highs. [ male announcer ] if barack obama is re-elected, what will the next four years be like? one: the debt will grow from $16 trillion to $20 trillion. two: 20 million americans could lose their employer-based health care. three: taxes on the middle class
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will go up by $4,000. four: energy prices will continue to go up. and five: $716 billion in medicare cuts that hurt current seniors. five reasons we can't afford four more years of barack obama. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. marywe invest in them.umber one in america becausema. but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states. question 7 keeps that maryland money in maryland through expansion of gaming in maryland. it will mean hundreds of millions of dollars for our schools. as governor, i can promise you, that money will go to education. that's the law and that's what we'll do. vote for question seven.
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live on mckinley street off old georgetown road, you can see montgomery county fired. they have put up this unit right here. it is attached to this fire hydrant. it is not on. they basically have this on standby in case things get out of hand. they say it should not happen. they have thing under control. over here, the firefighters are waiting. basically, they're waiting to see, to get an update from inside the hospital of there is a small freon leak in the i.t. department in the basement of the hospital. and that leak came from the cooling system used to keep the i.t. department cool. i just got an update from suburban hospital spokesperson. and she told me there are about a dozen people who have been evacuated. if you have people in this hospital, don't worry. there is no impact on patient
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care. no patients have been evacuated. the emergency department is closed and crews right now are trying to stop the leak. deem in mine, this is significant because look, this is the only trauma center in montgomery county. there was a hospital official walking across the street and i said, can you tell me about this? and he said this is historic for the area. i said why? he said this has not happened in more than 40 years. live here in bethesda, i'm bringing you the latest, news4. >> a beautiful day out there. >> fabulous. warm. >> couldn't be better. tomorrow will be better. it will be warmer. >> that's right. it could be our latest 80-degree day. coming up tomorrow, since 2003. that's not all. we've got something else to talk about and that's the possible of some mild weather that we could get the early part of next week. let's head over to the weather wall. we have a few clouds. we've had more clouds to the north across northern maryland. in fact, let me show you the satellite and radar loop.
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i'll take you back over the last couple of hours where you can see a little weak weather boundary that has been up in pennsylvania, producing some clouds. no showers for us but that moisture has been drying up on its way down to the ground. storm-team 4 with a few sprinkles trying to get going. the temperature with a very light wind out of the south at just three miles per hour. the range in temperature from the low 70s up north. mount airy and frederick to the upper 70s, even 80 down south. 81, culpepper. fred friends at 84 degrees right now. again, i think it will be pretty easy to see temperatures on the other side of 80 degrees in more neighborhoods tomorrow. here's a look at your good night wake-up forecast. we'll step it back to the mid 60s. a few clouds around during the overnight period. 66 by 11:00 p.m. 61 at 5:00 a.m. 59 degrees at 7:00 a.m. right inside the beltway. that's cool so you might need a light jacket. we'll start tomorrow with a
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partly cloudy sky. we have high pressure that will move in. a nice mild eflg evening. you can see the clouds to the north. meanwhile tomorrow partly sunny and near record warmth. meanwhile the boundary will make its way out. we're keeping our eye on tropical storm sandy. for the latter part of the weekend. that tropical system could get close enough that it could give us some wild weather with wind and rain starting on sunday and continuing through monday and tuesday. we'll all be keeping an eye on that storm system throughout the next couple of days. that's a possibility for the early part of next week. 62 to 69 degrees for your evening. we're just pretty mild and nice. one of those evenings where you might want to get out. some light breezes on tap for your overnight and early tomorrow morning. 52 to 59 degrees with sun up at 7:27. there is a look at tomorrow. generally sunny with again, near record warmth.
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we're talking about temperatures tomorrow in the low 80s. so when you just in time, when you thought september was gone, it makes a little bit of a tease, a comeback. we have dry weather on tap through the week but not all of the weekend. we'll take a look at the second half. >> thanks. will drivers in the district get the green light to use driverless cars? apple shows off its latest creation. just how small is the mini? >> the resurgence for the university football team. and tonight at 6:00, this is a live look at the bike lane in the washington area. bike lanes are popping up all over the district. over the district. it is supposed to keep people ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards
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earning 1% cash back on almost everything. they're always excited when it is homecoming time.
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it is an event that people come from all over the country to take part in and they come for the party. not necessarily the football team. this year the bison are noise on the field. they're changing that. fresh off the 21-20 win over morgan state on saturday. the squad sitting at 5-2, 4-1 in conference play. the players are the first to give the credit to the head coach. >> with the new regime, the new mentality into the team. and if there's no struggle, there can be no progress. we've been struggling for a while. we just knew it had to be the right time with the right people, the right group of guys to make it all work. >> reporter: howard university is off to the best start in years. if you're wondering who is behind their recent resurgence, look no further than the head coach. >> we started with a mile. when i came here, i wanted to start with the mind, control the mind and teach them to win ballgames and teach them to win
5:25 pm
on and off the football field and give maximum effort. >> blooming and blossoming since he's arrived. >> he was the cornerstone of the howard team that won and the black college championship in 1993. but the football program has fallen on some tough times, producing just two winning seasons since 1999. >> this year we came with a chip on our shoulder. and came to prove everyone wrong. howard can be back on top like the champ. that's one goal we're focusing on. >> still, known affectionately as the flea from his record setting days, coach flea has the bison blue and white back to their winning ways but he is also learning on the job. getting his first little taste of crisis management following a textbook scandal that nearly rocked the program. >> it taught me to deal with things in a positive manner. how to turn something negative into a positive and keep the
5:26 pm
young men focused and not letting them lose their hope and their belief. >> reporter: a form he student athlete at howard himself, he has earned the respect and attention of the young men he's in charge with leading. that's the glue around here. >> when he was here, he knows what it takes. the coaches know what it takes because they came here. so listening to them. we can pick up a lot of information from them and be successful. >> any time someone is speaking to you, someone that is trying to educate you or lead you in any direction. if that guy has the ability to walk the same path that you are trying to become, or trying to go down, you tend to listen to that guy if he has some type of success. >> news4 sports. gary the flea, a really good player back in the day. made his number one priority to get a quarterback and he got him in pittsburgh native greg mcgee now starting his second year. thank you for that story.
5:27 pm
good to get out there to howard. it is nice to see them actually winning some games. there is no reason they shouldn't do this every single year. coming up next, a push to get healthier food options in prince george's county. >> and we'll find out the best times to book those christmas trips. political trash talking like you haven't seen before. hundred of campaign signs thrown away because the state highway authority that they were posted
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anncr: seven-hundred-thousand jobs. that's what the plan george allen supports... would cost our economy. newspapers called it "economically destructive." like allen's votes to give tax breaks to companies... that ship jobs overseas, his economic plan would... help big corporations, devastating the middle class. allen even voted against tax breaks for small businesses. virginia can't afford to go back to george allen. the democratic senatorial campaign committee... is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me,
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but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. they got her after an out of control female driver led police on a chase across two states from virginia to rockville, maryland. officers of the naval support facility in bethesda had to fire shots at the car after the driver tried to run over an officer there. a prince george's county boy who beat his 2-year-old foster sister to death won't be allowed
5:31 pm
to live with his fally any longer. today a judge ordered the now 13-year-old to they're computic foster care. the boy must also get weekly therapy and can't live with other kids. ♪ >> bruce springsteen is performing tonight in charlottesville. earlier today he rocked the vote for president obama. you did not have to be a democrat to go to this free concert but you did have to go to president obama's campaign headquarters in charlottesville to pick up your free ticket. and we're following some news on the bay bridge. both directions are back open but it will take a while to get home. one is still at a near standstill. a few truck spilled around 3:30 this afternoon. the bridge was shut down for more than an hour. we are down to the wire with two weeks before the election. and political signs continue to pop up everywhere. >> in maryland, there is also a number of signs being removed. news4's chris gordon is live in thanover with why those signs
5:32 pm
are coming down. >> reporter: good evening. what you see behind me is typical throughout maryland. campaign signs for questions, ballot questions, and candidates. we're live along the road at the very busy intersection with landover here. these signs are not supposed to be along state roadways or median strips. but as you see, they keep popping up. hundred of campaign signs are being removed from maryland roadways, medians and inchanges. the state highway authority tells news4, whether an open house sign, a political sign, or a sign for a weight loss hotline. anything illegally placed within state right-of-way will be removed. there is a lot of trash in politics and that's what we're talking about. trash. the state highway authority pulled up hundreds of signs that were illegally posted by highways. maryland voters differ over whether the political signs should be removed from the roadways. >> sometime i think they should
5:33 pm
be thrown out. but that's the only way we'll be inform of who is running so i think it is okay. >> reporter: so they can stay. >> right. >> i think there are too many starting to obstruct the vision of the drivers. and i think it is just overkill. >> reporter: signs forle campaigns are piling up. the communications director for the independent candidate for u.s. senate in maryland says that campaign has attracted a lot of support here's are politically inexperienced. >> we've distributed a large number of signs throughout the state. there have been some cases where people have been put by enthusiastic volunteers in places where technically they should not be. when these are reported to us, we quickly and go pick them up. >> reporter: as of tonight, the political signs can be seen along highways all across maryland and the crews whose job it is to remove them tell me, it will only get worse between now and election day. we're live tonight in prince george's county, maryland.
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starting today, at least two food trucks will be set up on 14th street and midwest to sell to downtown customers and the d.c. city council. a owners were worried about pending new regulation. owners of the food trucks about these new regulations that will restrict where they can operate. healthy food options are said to be few and far between in parts of prince george's county. but now there's an effort underway to change all that. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins reports on how residents there may get a greater say about the food choices near their homes. >> we have a garden here. and we have one for the middle school. >> reporter: elsy and people who live here are growing their own food. to balance out the limited food options in their community. >> you get stores coming in here with second rate food. >> fast food works here. this particular one here, we'll
5:35 pm
just pop another one in that community. >> reporter: the councilmember karen is working legislation that would require all proposed businesses to go through a public hearing process before opening. part of her aim is to control business in prince george's county, especially when it come to foods and beverages. >> the less work we put in our communicate, we don't need another fast food restaurant or if the communicate wants that, let them give you okay to do that. >> reporter: as it stands, many carryouts and fast food operations in prince george's were once other businesses that were able to change what they sold and how they operated without informing the residents or the county council. >> by changing this law it will give them the option deciding if they want that fast food in their communicate or if they don't want it but they need to have a voice. >> reporter: this is a new york chicken and grill located here on branch avenue. take a look at this picture. recognize the buildings? that used to be an old pearle vision. coming up, we'll show you how
5:36 pm
extreme these changes in businesses can get. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. when we come right back tonight, how a former marine is manning to get his four-legged friend back home to the states. and a high school athlete scoring system involves sex with scoring system involves sex with female stude in virginia, we know education means opportunity. that's why tim kaine expanded pre-k... championed higher ed and job training... helping make virginia "the best state to raise a child." but george allen has not made our kids a priority.
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as governor, he tried to cut funding for public schools. in washington, allen voted to end tax deductions for college tuition. and now, a budget plan that devastates k-12 classrooms-- all to pay for even more tax breaks for the wealthy. seiu cope is responsible for the content of this ad.
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a lot of carbo loading in the next few days. 30,000 runners will be hitting the streets for the marine corps marathon. and of two those runners have a very special relationship. here's doreen to tell us about it. >> it seal like there are as many stories as there are runners when the marine corps marathon comes around thfls special. when the marine sergeant was being treated for cancer last year, it was his nurse who gave him support and motivation. now more than a year after his treatment edged, the tables have turned because embree is now
5:40 pm
supporting his nurse as they get ready to run the marine corps marathon together. a year ago, marine gunnery sergeant jerry embree never thought he would be running, let alone running with his nurse. >> i always said i would never run a marathon again. >> reporter: at the age of 39, he was diagnose with the nonhodgkin's lymphoma. it invades the bone marrow throughout the body. he underwent six rounds of chemotherapy but he said he never lost his spirit. >> i never really accept that i was sick. to me i look at it, it is no different than spraining your ankle or having a common cold. take medicine and get better and continue with life. that's the way i approach it. >> reporter: that attitude is what caught the attention of his nurse at walter reed national military medical center. >> he is a complete joker. he just, it wasn't like i was treating somebody with cancer. >> reporter: the two of them forged a friendship that carried over after his treatment was over. when the tub to run the marine
5:41 pm
corps marathon came up, embree talked her into joining a team that would raise money for cancer research. >> it was talked about throughout his treatment. i don't think he ever really believed that he could actually have the strength again to run. >> reporter: because of their schedules, the pair have a tough time getting together for training runs. but they keep each other posted through daily techs, e-mail and phone calls. she said it has changed their relationship. she is no longer the nurse who is keeping him going. >> you know, me in the treatment room who encouraged him, him outside, you know, to encourage me. it is a wonderful relationship, really. >> whether i come in first place or if i'm the last person that finishes, we all get the same finisher's medal. it is about if notifinishing it together as a team. >> the marine corps marathon is
5:42 pm
this sun, october 28th. news4 is one of the sponsors. >> you've done it a couple time. >> i will not be running this year. but i will be cheering them on and i'm proud of everybody who is doing it. >> it is impressive. >> thanks. coming up next, should we break out the short sleeves for the rest of the week? >> and how long will it be before you ride in a car without a driver? tom sherwood looks into the future for us next. i'm liz crenshaw. holiday travel. are you book? the bes president obama: i'm barack obama and i approve... this message. anncr: victims. dependent. that's what mitt romney called forty-seven percent... of americans. including people on medicare. but what about his plan for you? romney would replace guaranteed benefits with a voucher system. seniors could pay six thousand dollars more a year. a plan aarp says would undermine medicare. you're no earned your benefits.
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don't let mitt romney take them away.
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an alexandria marine who serve in the afghanistan will be reunited with an old war time buddy. sean made a special bond with the dog, bolt. he found him ragged, underfed. he nursed him back to health but eventually the commander of the base ordered all the dogs to be removed. they were taken miles away but bolt couldn't bare to be separated from dueling. >> apparently ran behind the convoy for roughly 10 miles or so. pitch black, 3:00 in the morning and all of a sudden, out of
5:46 pm
nowhere, bolt just come running full speed right behind me. it was good feeling. having your buddy back, an awesome feeling. >> dueling bring bolt to the united states at the time but a fellow marine, carlos plata help raise $4,000 to reunite dueling and his best buddy. bolt and shawn dueling are expected to be together again time this november. >> the stuff of science fiction stories come true. now, some d.c. councilmembers are working to bring driverless cars to the district. tom sherwood takes a peek into the future of transportation. ♪ george jetson >> the early routine driving of the jetsons is not here yet but not for want of trying. >> it does soup like george jetson. i think it is better. >> reporter: last may, the d.c. council person tried out a car by google. one of several attempts to make futuristic travel come true.
5:47 pm
>> that's so far off in the future. why are we worried about it? >> not according to the people involved in producing this. they think they can have it out there in five years. >> reporter: tuesday, she hosted a hearing on new legislation that would legally permit driverless cars to travel the streets of washington. just like california, florida, and nevada, whenever they arrived. >> well, the real attraction is increased safety. about 70% of the vehicle crashes, unimpaired drivers. the drivers that are in no way ill paired them just make mistakes. >> reporter: the obama administration said tuesday pits launching a new research initiative on the safety and reliability of driverless technology. >> in any event, this is a step toward the jetson. not the flintstones. >> reporter: out on the city streets of the nation's capital, motorists were mixed about the idea. >> they already have cars that can deck when you're approaching too close and so i think the technology is pretty close. >> i like driving myself,
5:48 pm
personally. i wouldn't want a computer or technology to do it for me. >> sure. we already have them in california. i follow the google car all the time. no problem. >> sometime you need a human touch to make decisions, what you're going to do in a traffic situation. that changes invariably just down the street. >> reporter: so no george jetson yet. >> not yet. >> that's right but it is not too far away either. jim? >> all right. it's around the corner as they say. >> i would love it. i could read the paper and not worry about it. >> our speed camera tickets. we could blame it on them. let's get latest on our lovely forecast. there are some change out there. >> there are. right around the corner. at least around the corner of this upcoming weekend. we've had out there some gorgeous color yet again today. look at some of the pictures we've been getting in this fiery red maple tree.
5:49 pm
this one from hernandez, virginia. i'll going to step out of the way and see what's going on with our weather computer. we have been getting lots of great fall pictures throughout the area. take a look at this. this is perryville, maryland. just to the north. and then we've gotten more right around the water there. harper's ferry. look at that with yellow being the dominant color off the water. as far as you getting in your pics, send them in and we will put them on. as far as what we're seeing right now, western maryland seeing some peak color. we've gotter in a peak from frederick, maryland, through areas of loudoun county and northern fauquier county. some peak color, good color right through this area of howard county right through d.c. fairfax and prince william county and a little bit of color even coming into areas of southern maryland and down through the northern neck. i should say good color. the temperature out there right now. we are in the 70s. still holding on to 80 degrees
5:50 pm
around rockville, montgomery village. mid to upper 70s still throughout the area. during the overnight period. we're going to be cooling off. then your wednesday planner, we have a toasty warm day. 79 degrees by 1:00 in the afternoon. 73 on friday. then your week, the second half of the being. there's rain with just a high of 62 degrees. so it looks as though for that running of the marine corps marathon, it will be a little wet toward the end and a little windy, too, especially if we see the remnants or whatever is left of sandy start to inact with that weather front that will be coming through. we'll be watching that storm system closely. but right now a little wet weather and wind. apple's big reveal with a twist today.
5:51 pm
starting friday, you'll be able to reorder the ipad minuty. apple launched it. it come with the 7.9 inch screen and is that to be as thin as a pepsi i will and as light as a pad of paper. apple launched a new fourth generation of the full size of the ipad. prices for the beginning begin at $329. a warning tonight for parents about the recall that about 100,000 bassinets. plus a popular scam involving millions of phone calls to consumers has been cracked. when to book your flight to save some money. >> we begin with the recall of a bassinet that the government says could poe essentially suffocate infants. the consumer product safety commission announced the recall of nearly 100,000 eddie bauer rocking wood bassinets sold nationwide. the cpsc said it received more than a dozen reports that the
5:52 pm
bassinet not locking properly. that causes the bassinet to tip to one side and causes the infants to roll to the side of the bassinet which could cause suffocation. they were sole at target, toys "r" us and sears as well as jop line retailers. they were made in china and sold for about $150. consumers should stop using them and contact the manufacturer. for a repair kit. today the feds say they've cracked down on a popular phone scam. if you took out a payday loan online and received harassing phone calls, you may get a check in the mail. the federal trade commission announce ad settlement with a company linked to bogus debt collectors in ini can't. the checkers allegedly made million of phone call and deceived and threatened online payday customers into paying their debts. callers claimed to be law enforcement or lawyers. and threaten to arrest or jail consumers if they did not pay. the ftc says the scammers took
5:53 pm
in more than $5 million from the victims. the settlement will provide some refunds to the consumers. and finally, if you haven't already, it is time to start booking your december holiday travel. you can save big money because we are about eight weeks out. that's the magic number. that's according to bank it says you can save up to 50% on air travel and hotels. especially if you're headed to warmer weather destinations. also consider flying nonstop. you may pay a bit more but you will limit the risk of those weather-related delays. we're eight weeks out. think about your holiday travel plans. >> eight weeks. wow! all righty. thanks. coming up next, a high school scandal. school scandal. the students are getting p
5:54 pm
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parents are shock and outraged after athletes at a california high school participated in a sex league. guys were awarded points for having sex with female students the principal sent a letter home
5:57 pm
to the parents on friday but the school is not going to be disciplining any of the students involved. nbc's monty francis reports from the san francisco bay area. >> reporter: the principal of piedmont high school said what's known to students as the fantasy slut league has been in existence for five to six years and it was discovered during a recent freshman assembly on date uranium prevention. >> no girl that i know from the high school wants to be called a slut or be part of that. >> reporter: school officials say varsity athletes set up the league and according to the letter from the principal, quote, our female stoonlts unbeknownst to most of them are draft as part of the league. male students earn points for documented engagement in sexual activities with female students. this parent finds the idea galling. >> it is really upsetting to find out this is going on at the high school. i trust my daughter but i would be really, really upset to know that it were anything that she
5:58 pm
was unknowingly part of. >> reporter: her daughter is a junior at the high school who tells us, she has known about the fantasy slut since the freshman year. >> the concept is horrible and i feel really good for the girls who do know they're on it. >> reporter: it apparently started as a private group on facebook which is why parents were kept in the dark for so long. s . >> from what i've been told work the guys have a team of two girls. when girls hook one guys they get more points and then the winning team is with the girls, who hook one the most people. >> reporter: the principal has assured parents that the league has been put to a stop. at this point, it does not appear any of the students are going to face disciplinary action. >> i think it is good they let us know. obviously it has been going on a long time. since it is a facebook thing, it is hard for parents to know what's going on on facebook or a facebook group like that that has been started by the football team. so i think it was a good choice for him to let us know.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: in this letter, the pr principal goes on to say the school will meet with the athletes each season to address this issue. nbc bay area news. right now, a wild police chase fired outside the naval medical center. it all centered around a suspect who was eating a bar of soap. a 2-year-old child was beaten to death and apparently it could have been prevented. >> at times i feel so weak. i want to explode. >> bruce springsteen drumming up support in the battle ground state of virginia with the race to the white house in the final stretch. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. two weeks to go until election day. president obama and vice president biden wrapped up a rally in dayton, ohio, while bruce springsteen campaigned on their behalf in charlottesville,


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